Welcome to Eons Lash & Brow - Where Life Imitates Art

If you want to be beautiful and stay beautiful, through the ages, then this is where you want to be. Our goal is to transform you into a living portrait of beauty.

We will glorify your lashes like the keys on a fine-tuned piano. Each lash extension is meticulously arranged and attached to your existing lash to give you that beautiful, natural look and feel. The thickness, curl, and length is customized to your preferred glam. Our adhesive is waterproof and strong, often lasting until your lash naturally falls off.

We will transform your brows into the shape your heart desires, like the fine strokes of an artist's brush, with long-lasting effects. Whether you choose Microblading, to get the fine, hair-like strokes, or Microshading, the makeup artist's brows, or both, rest assured that beauty is within reach.

Come see and feel the difference!

We take time and pride in our work. All our extensions are hand made, no pre-existing glue to weigh down your natural lashes thus our extensions will last much longer.

Are your lashes getting the treatments it deserve?

The next time you get your lashes done, unless you're getting classic extensions which are individual lashes, ask whether they're using pre-made fans. The difference can be night and day! Pre-made fans are extensions that are pre-made, pre-glued. They're quicker to apply, akin to taking a shortcut, but that means extra weight on your lashes. The reason is because, on top of the glue that's used to pre-make the fans, there's glue to stick them to your natural lashes. Extra weight means they will feel heavier, are easier to fall off, and may even cause your natural lashes to fall off prematurely!