Lash Extension Membership

If you answer yes to any of the below questions, then a membership is the choice for you!
  • Don't want to wait for that special occasion or outing to look beautiful?
  • Don't want to waste too much time getting that perfect set of lashes?
  • Just want to look beautiful all the time?
We want you to be happy with your choices so we offer a very flexible membership. Each membership option below comes with 2 refills per month but additional visits, if needed, can be purchased at a discount of $10 off the weekly visit. This way, for those who need to go more often, they can still save money! Even better, we believe in the quality of our services, therefore, our idea of keeping you as a member is to always give you the best, quality service, not by requiring you to sign a lengthy contract. Our contract starts out as month-to-month and will always remain month-to-month.
Members can also opt to upgrade or downgrade anytime, applicable to the next billing cycle only, or upgrade a visit and pay just $5 more for the specific tier. For example, if you have a Classic membership ($80) but want to upgrade to a Volume ($110) for the particular visit, you just need to pay the difference ($80/2 = $40) vs ($110/2 = $55), a difference of $15 + $5 = $20 for an upgrade.
Option Monthly Dues
Eons Classic $80
Eons Hybrid $100
Eons Volume $110
Eons Wispy $130
Xtreme Classic $140
Xtreme Volume $180